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The Social Science Policy Council (SSPC), a committee of the Swiss Academy for Humanities and Social Sciences,has launched an initiative with the goal of promoting qualitative social research in Switzerland.

Despite of their impressive research outputs qualitative methods still do not have the weight in science policy they actually merit. Moreover, the diversity of research approaches is mirrored by a fragmented scientific community. However, if qualitative researchers are willing to go beyond the frontiers of their own school and to unite with like-minded scientists they can become a significant group in regard to science policy.

Therefore the major goal of this initiative is the creation of a network of qualitative social scientists in Switzerland. The primary target group consists mainly of full professors and permanent lecturers in the different disciplines of the social sciences. A secondary target group consists of all social researchers that use qualitative methods.

By means of this network the following goals shall be achieved:

  • Transparency with regards to the activities of qualitative researchers: who is doing what where? Who is specialized in which methods? Who has which expertise and competences?
  • A consensus on minimal requirements regarding education and trainings in qualitative methods at Swiss universities;
  • A consensus on quality standards for qualitative social research;
  • The promotion of results and achievements by qualitative research in a broader public arena;
  • The creation of a proper infrastructure, such as the founding of an archive or a resource center for qualitative research.


If you are interested in actively participating in the network please get in contact with us.

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